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Who is wearing Spats?

Write By: spatsboots Created Date: 2014-09-07

Ok, so namedropping is bad manners. But then again why hide your fire under a bushel? So, here's the latest list of beauitful people who are sporting Spats Boots this year:

the prodigioiusly talented singer-songwriter Chloe Howl

All the girls from All Saints - WOW.

model and Made in Chelsea trendsetter Ashley James

Flame-haired beauty Olivia Hallinan

Inbetweeners movie star Belinda Stewart Wilson

Super sexy songtress Melissa (Kisses for Breakfast) Steel...

Also spotted on the lovely legs of... Denise van Outen and Nell McAndrews.


and not forgetting the boys:

Gorgeous Mercury prize winner Sam Lee

The leg-end that is Adam Ant


Keep em coming.