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SPATS are evolving...

The answer is...NO. Sadly, the majority of natural rubber is not sustainably produced. Find out more...



Regrettably, SPATS are not in production at the moment.

In 2020 we committed to the project of making SPATS the most sustainable, natural rubber wellies out there. That meant moving production away from China. We found a good factory that could source high quality, certified sustainable rubber and matched the highest ethical standards, but then in 2021 we hit a wall – they pulled out of the SPATS relaunch due to a huge Covid backlog.

That threw us right back into development mode. Now in 2022 with the cost of living crisis deepening and post-Brexit export complications we have decided it is not the time to relaunch.

We are still developing the product with an excellent factory in Sri Lanka that produces with Fair Rubber.

When we do relaunch, it is likely we will do it via the pre-order model in smaller batches, which is more sustainable than mass production.

In the meantime, we have made design improvements too to ensure that SPATS are even more comfortable and long-lasting. 

We will still be upholding our discount of up to 40% to loyal and earlybird customers. CLICK HERE to be put on the pre-order earlybird mailing list to ensure you don’t miss the launch event, or email us directly: earlybird [at]


Please bear with us – all this takes time and in not the easiest of markets...



We will be crowdfunding the next production order of SPATS and will be offering a discount of up to 40% to earlybird customers. CLICK HERE to be put on the pre-order mailing list to ensure you don’t miss the event.