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About Spats Boots

Spats are British-designed, handcrafted natural rubber ankle boots inspired by classic vintage footwear. They are ideal for music festivals, dog walking, country and equestrian, navigating muddy puddles and general wet weather wear but wouldn’t be out of place at the races or in a wedding marquee. They are suitable for vegans.

The unique feature of the signtuare Spats short welly is the button-across ankle cover which is both fashionable and functional. The canvas-textured ankle part mimicks the spatterdash or 'spats' which the Victorians and Edwardians wore to protect their shoes from muddy splashes. The button flap (held by three metal press studs) also makes Spats easy to slip on and off and water-tight (thanks to the rubberised under-flap). They have a fully-articulated sole for excellent grip, a slight heel and a silky faux-fur lining for added comfort. Due to their high natural rubber content (45 - 50%), they are durable, flexible and cooler to wear than plastics-based injection-moulded wellies. 

Spats – original rubber boots™ are handmade from over 20 separate parts using a traditional production process. We are engaged with every step of the process and oversee the production line and quality control in person at our partner factories. We are satisfied that our factories come up to international ethical and environmental trading standards.

The natural rubber used in Spats Boots comes from the hevea brasiliensis tree and is harvested in Vietnam. 

The soft rubber is rolled and then the different parts are hand cut out using a pattern.

The lining sock is fitted around the metal lasts...


Then the soft rubber parts (Spats contain over 20 separate parts) are hand-assembled around the lasts.


At the end of the long production line the boots are quality checked before being vulcanised.

Spats boots are vulcanised in large ovens at 130˚C. Each boot is then waterproof tested and quality checked.

The signature metal press studs are then attached and the boots are cleaned. They undergo a final quality check before being boxed.

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