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Write By: spatsboots - 15 Dec / 2020 Created Date: 2020-12-15

Outdoor living in my new eco SPATS (October – December 2020) 


The road to sustainability has been long and rocky with a few potholes along the way – but we’re almost there, people! I have been roadtesting the first eco SPATS samples to come out the Slovakian factory since October and thought I would share the results...

OK, so I’m the founder, which doesn't exactly make me the most impartial reviewer, but since I’ve been wearing them for over a decade – and have experienced 2 years of making them in an Indian factory (2008-2011) and 4 years of making them in China (2013-2017) – I’m definitely the most experienced Spats tester around. And that counts for something!