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Write By: spatsboots - 27 Mar / 2018 Created Date: 2018-03-27

Corsets were a popular fashion trend in the 1800s designed to create a sexy hourglass figure by pulling in the waist and augmenting bust and hips. Today, corsets are growing in popularity again and can be worn both under or over clothes, as a top or a dress in itself. Apart from being a major fashion statement, they also give the appearance of killer curves. Here are five fabulous ways you can wear them:

1. Corsets and Skirts

Corsets can also be worn with different skirts. Team them with a high waisted pencil skirt in the same colour to fake the appearance of a dress or wear it with a different colour to make it pop. You can also wear it with a full circle skirt, making a classic style look extremely sexy. However, be careful while wearing a corset with a mini skirt. The corset itself is loud enough so make sure to tone it down a little.

2. Corset dress

Corset dresses are popping up everywhere in different shapes, styles and colours. These are perfect to enhance your curves. They are simple but certainly make a very effective statement.You can also wear your corset over a plain, boring dress to instantly jazz it up. Wear a floral corset over your plain white dress or a leather corset over your patterned unflattering dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various materials, bold patterns, colours.

3. Corset and Jeans

Wear it as a top with jeans to make it a sexy feature piece for an evening out.  If worn with high-waisted jeans  it looks like a jumpsuit-with-attitude. If you don’t feel comfortable exposing your arms or shoulders, then throw on a jacket or a blazer. Go for different fabrics, from cotton to steel-boned. Wearing corsets can enhance your femininity and confidence. Make sure you buy them according to your body shape and type to ensure they’re effective, comfortable. Nail the season’s hottest Kardashian inspired trend and make heads turn!

4. Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets are worn just below the bust and usually end at the beginning of your lap. They are very versatile but look particularly good when worn with a black or white frilly shirt. You can also wear them with almost any dress or skirt to give your bust a lift as well as the illusion of a slimmer waist. A classic piece of clothing like this is a great investment and a must-have.

5. Bridalwear

Corsets can also be a part of your bridal costume. Wear it under your bridal gown or over it to create a classic hourglass shape. A corset made up of smooth polyester, satin or nylon will work best under a gown. Opt for a pale pink or white corset so you can match your skin tone perfectly under a sheer bridal dress. It will definitely be unique and sex-up traditional bridalwear.

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Rebecca Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for True Corset for some time now. A traveller by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

Write By: spatsboots - 13 Oct / 2015 Created Date: 2015-10-13

We love this fashion blog by the incredible Boyer Family Singers, three sisters from Ohio who have more flair for putting cute vintage outfits together than the costume department of BBC1's Call the Midwife. Go Girls!

What do the Boyer sisters say about their new ankle wellies? "Overall we girls are amazed at the wonderful quality and vintage style of Spats Boots. They aren’t just a pair of shoes that look vintage, they have the quality of true vintage as well, which makes them worth every penny."

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Jessica styled her Spats with a classic Swing Dress, that echoed the colors of her Chocolate and Sky boots. All of us girls wore ankle socks with our boots to keep the edges from chafing our legs. Did I mention that the Spats have a nice fleecy lining in them? And both of the girls got fleece insoles to add to their boots to help them fit better and make them cozier.

One thing that is important when wearing ankle boots of any sort, is to make sure that your clothing is proportioned in such a way so that it doesn’t make you look like you have fat ankles. All of us girls succeeded in this by keeping our skirts just below our knees. If our skirts had been ankle length, things may have looked a bit more awkward, but by keeping that space between boot and hemline you create an ensemble that is more pleasing to the eye.


Brigid went for a 1930s secretary look with a pleated skirt and white blouse. I really wanted my black and white Spats Boots to be the focal point of my outfit, so I kept any pop of color to just my lipstick and brooch.

My Spats were SO comfortable and warm to wear. I was really concerned that my feet would slip around in them, or that they would be too big in the ankles, but all my fears were allayed with these lovely boots. The toe portion is sufficiently snug to keep them on your feet, but not be too tight when wearing thick socks, and the ankle portion is loose enough, but not too loose, to be perfectly comfortable when walking. Plus, the soles are rubber, so they are very cushy and soft to walk in.

Charlotte styled her Spats in a way that I like to term French Resistance. Maybe it’s the beret or the military green, but something about her outfit just reminded me so much of a young lady from 1940s France. Charlotte also created nice rhythm in her outfit by echoing the red of her Spats Boots in both her purse and in her choice of lipstick color. By echoing a color or theme one to two times in your outfit, as Charlotte did here, it helps to draw your eye up to the face of the wearer, while also creating a cohesive ensemble.